Bought my first GC, and sale!

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Jul 20, 2004
North Kingstown, RI
I was in Autozone today getting some 50/50 ethylene glycol premix (for a friend) when I decided to check out the oil section. I have not seen the GC at any CT autozone's but this was in RI. I located the 0W-30 and what did I find but the famous red label stuff! The back did, in fact, say it was made in Germany. I got a basket and started to load it up. About 4 quarts in, I saw the label turn yellow so I stopped but decided to check the rest of the stash to see if there were anymore GCs. There were. All told, I got their entire stock (7 quarts). The sign said $5.19/per and I was prepared to pay that. Much to my amazement, there was a sale on the stuff. I got them for $3.99/per! Not bad, I'd say. With tax, I walked out with 7 quarts of GC for just under $30. On the other hand, we could discuss the M1-201 filter I bought that was nearly $12 with tax...but I was planning on doing an extended OCI in my Caprice, hence the M1 filter.
In the few CT AutoZones I've been to, they've had ONLY US 0W-30. It certainly seems regional. I was previously torn between M1 0W-40 and GC for my next OCI in my Caprice. Looks like my decision's been made. On a side note, a guy came up to me and wanted to know if my Caprice was for sale. This is like the 3rd time since I've moved to RI that I've been asked this. I gave him my number but I am far too attached to the car to sell. Too much time/money invested and it's probably worth a lot more to me than it is to this guy.
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