Bought and sold a Navi in a month!

Jun 27, 2016
Just a quick story for anyone interested in a Honda Navi. My local shop had one in the showroom after a guy backed out on his reservation. Locally these are impossible to find and i just happened to walk in to an available one. I sold my 150 earlier and was looking around for a replacement. I got excited about the Navi hype and bought it. The following are my opinions so if you disagree we can still be friends.

Pro's: Fun to ride due to it being very approachable. Not intimidating at all (of course). Storage box is great, you can fit a ton of stuff in there.

Con's: In my opinion Honda straight up lied about the fuel economy. They say 110mpg, I got 80mpg which is common if you look around a bit on the internets. You'd have to be 50 pounds coasting downhill to get 110 on this thing.

Range is trash, it died on me after 45 miles and had to be switched to reserve. Luckily there was a shoulder or I would literally have been in the middle of traffic.

It's painfully slow. I pretty much expected this one. It's a 110cc right? But it's still slow even for that. Top speed up any sort of grade was 40mph.

Brakes are pretty bad. Front and rear drum which are never going to be incredible. But you have to get pretty far into the brakes before they do anything. I'm not a big fan of that feeling.

I was not please with it. As soon as I got the title it went up for sale. I see 3 other people locally doing the same thing. To me it's really no better than a 2 stroke 50. And at least on that I don't need an endorsement. I'm sure there are plenty of happy Navi owners out there. If roads by my house were 40mph and under it would be an ok ride. But anything more isn't safe IMHO.
Not everything from Honda is a winner. Your cons are common from what I have read. It’s a 49cc scooter that looks like a motorcycle. People are better off buying the Metropolitan for cruising around time.
your point about the speed of your local roads is important...even though it's 110cc it seems to perform more like a 50cc. Even with all its flaws I'm glad to see a new affordable scoot from Honda. Anything to get more people on 2 wheels is a win for me.
Overall the Navi has a use case, but I think a lot of people will be disappointed with them in real world use.

The guy that bought it will use it as a pit bike at racing events. Now that is a great use for it with the storage cubby. And short range isn't a big deal.
Had to look it up. So it's an $1800 pocket bike. Man you're braver than me, and I'm pretty crazy.
Yup, just because it is street legal does not mean it really is for the street.

I great pit bike, if you have some acreage, a good bike to putt around on, or for a very local/neighborhood playing around vehicle.
Not something to use as a "real" road going motorcycle. A little scooter for just a little more money is a better deal overall.

But they are selling like crazy right now.