Bottom line on Delvac 1

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Jul 10, 2003
I have heard that using D1 in gas engines will shorten O2 sensor life. I have heard that it will also cause rings to wear at a faster rate (something about rare metal wear). I have also heard that this is the next best thing to beer. What is the bottom line with using this stuff in a gasoline engine?
If I put this stuff in my cranckase will the sun still come up tommorow or will I be doomed to spend eternity in a world where only FRAM filters exist. Yes, I have had this nightmare many times over...
Delvac 1 is an excellent oil and it is aparently used by many ExxonMobil engineers from what I've read. It's probably Mobil's most advanced oil from a chemistry perspective. We really havn't had enough UOA's to really determine how good or not good it really is. It seems to have similar effects on engines as Redline in that it's formulation has a higher then normal concentration of esters and they will clean extensively. Wear numbers from the reports that are on here suggest it's a decent oil for a gas engine but not your best choice. I think your best oil for your money right now are Amsoil ATM/ASL and Mobil 1 10w-30. RL and S2k are pricey and show numbers that really don't justify the price difference IMO. BTW, I'm no expert so keep reading and searching around here. You will find opinions change on a daily basis.
You can safely use Delvac 1 in any gasoline engine without problems.
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