Botched UOA?

Front Range, Colorado
I pulled the plug but didn't have the bottle to collect the oil. I got the bottle after the bulk of the oil was drained. I filled the bottle with the drippings from the pan. I just want to have a UOA to see if I have gas in the oil. Am I waisting my time sending in this oil? Is this sample botched?
Originally posted by landtoy80: I and talking about the oil pan. There was still oil running out the pan. I put the plug back in and waited. Pulled the plug and got enough to fill the bottle.
I would think it's fine...drop Blackstone or whoever you are going to have run the test and confirm... Just IMHO, YMMV darrell sin city


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Katy, Republic of Texas
When you say drippings of the pan, are you refering to the catch pan or the oil pan on the car? If from the catch pan, so long as it is clean, no problem. If from the oil pan, the metals may be a bit high, but for fuel dilution, there should be no difference.