Bosch Premium 3323, Cut Open

Oct 13, 2008
The Old North State
This one run ~5100 miles on Honda 2.4L Accord, a little over 14 months from end of December of 20 to early March this year with M1 0w20 AFE. Same went back. No surprises, typical results ime. Satisfied again with this filter application. I included pic #4, mostly for reference. It was about as good a shot of louvers I could get down the tube. Some might say, don't look that great. Then cut off media and second pic using light, confirm louvers are fine. Since local Napa stopped twice yearly Gold filter sale, topic is my current go to.

P1020337.JPG P1020340.JPG P1020347.JPG P1020346.JPG P1020349.JPG P1020352.JPG P1020348.JPG