borgwarner 4484 t case dexron iii or gear oil?

Sep 23, 2017
hey guys i have a 2003 hummer h2 with a borgwarner 4484 transfer case. i changed out the transfer case fluid about 6 months ago and i did my research and gm says not to use DEXRON VI and to only use dexron iii so i did that and got royal purple dexron iii compatible fluid and put that in and its been running good. but i recently came across some threads where people are saying that dex 3 is way too thin for the transfer case and that i should be using gear oil, i saw a couple people say that and not sure if its true or not. ive always ran the gm stuff or dex 3 and its been working fine but my km's are getting high im already at 250,000 km so i wanna do the best for my truck. what do u guys think? trust gm engineers or?
thanks guys any clue why people are saying otherwise? is it just because there paranoid?