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Dec 19, 2013
San Antonio, Texas
We use these on ope engines at work on kubota D902's and Honda GX Vtwins...ph6607/mo6607/champ2876/mo6607/dl6607...also note the 2 mg6607's one is the older orange can and the other is the newer champ made one......typical 20x1.5 thread stuff fits lots of import cars too.....all of these are made by the same basic company...fram filtration/champion labs or whatever they are calling themselves nowadays...

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How old is the Champ? They've been using e-core design for quite some time on most of their filters.

Edit- Never mind just realized that crosses with a 4622 which is one of the few exceptions.
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Three on the right are the Champ made line with metal endcap construction. Defense line used be Fram made fiber endcap, but when Fram was purchased by Rank, similar to the previous Fram made MicroGard they switched to Champ production. Many larger applications will be ecores. Basically they are the old WM SuperTech filter. As you note, looks like MileGuard did the same, with the two on the left being Fram made.

Many jobber filters downsize the 7317/14610 to this size. I'm thinking that some may even downsize the larger 3593A/14459 to this size.
Don't display filter pron like that unless you intend to show stuff like the media spread out (sq cm area calculated), end caps exposed, and more.
Oh man now yall got me goin..went by the shop...more filter pron on the way....not gonna cut new filters though...Ive cut most of these either new or used in my previous posts...Ive got a bunch of 3614 size that we use on briggs/kohler OPE pics coming in a little while....
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