Boneless pork chops

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Nov 30, 2005
Senoia, GA
Try this with 4 1-1/4" thick center cut boneless pork chops- Trim most of the fat off. You leave some, leave all or trim all. Soak in a heavy soy-based steak marinade/sauce and Italian dressing for 6 hours. Heat a oven-proof skillet with lid til olive oil in it starts to come to life. Sear the chops for 6 minutes per side, lowering heat to low-medium. Crank the heat back up to HIGH and flip them over. Sear the other side. You want the chops to crust and get somewhat carmelized. Put the lid on and throw it in a 300 degree oven for 90 minutes. 2 hours is ok. They will fall apart.
sounds awesome. my wife marinated some in catalina dressing overnight once. they were quite tasty, especialy w/ such an easy to do marinade. i'll have to get on her to make some more, as well as try your version!
Pan fry with a can of campbell's golden mushroom soup. Make sure some soup gets scalded on the pan bottom. Serve over/with noodles or rice. Put the leftover pan-scalded soup on the starch too.
...why do I see a image of a drooling Homer Simpson when I see these two posts of "gross" and "agree"? [LOL!]
Aaahh Vietnamese my new favourite food. So many Vietnamese migrated to Australia we have a huge Vietnamese population. Cabramatta in Sydney is like visiting Vietnam without leaving Australia. Great food. 'Campfire Beef' is really worth trying.
sprintman, one of my father's favourite resteraunt is the vietnamese that's near Marist College.
Seriously, I don't mean to dump on anyone's food habits, but I'm keenly just not a bloody fan of "dump mushroom soup" recipes....but when you are hungry and haven't eaten for a day or three, well OK. But life is short and cooking isn't that complicated. Make a mushroom sauce and read what they put in that can.....
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept of "free range" "boneless" pigs. How do they get around ? How do they procreate ?
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