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May 7, 2003
fort worth
Via reasons too embarrasing to mention here I ended up driving about 150-175 miles with 1 1/2 to 2 quarts too much oil. I drive a subaru '00 RS.
This was all done in one day. The next day when i checked my oil level i saw how overfilled it was an drained out the excess oil.
I had just switched the car over to synth about 1.5k miles earlier. After i leveled the oil off i noticed on my next two ocaasions while out that i had tiny oil spots under my car. That stopped after those 2 occassions.
This all happened last sat. The oil level seems to be staying put since i leveled it off after overfilling.
Is there a chance i messed anything up while driving with it overfilled for the amount of miles that i did?
I've heard that if this is done it is good to change oil. I don't want to do this unless it is appropriate because the oil in there is relatively new.

Probably not, I used to fix forklifts on one particular model if the hydraulic pump seal would fail the crancase would fill with oil to were oil would start to run oil of the oil fill . We would drain the oil replace the pump and the motor would not know the difference. About draining the oil I don't know why.

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don't worry about it. the big danger is aerating the oil, but synthetic is very resistant, and in thhose few miles it is unlikely that you damaged any seals.
on the drain plug?

I actually changed the oil last night just to ease my mind and i did put a new washer on the drain plug.
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