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May 27, 2002
Ocala, Florida
Before anyone freaks out, Our service provider has just informed me about a problem they have/had.
we had some problems with some corruption showing on our main file server and our backup server kicked in when he should have as yet. we have fixed our main file system and everything should be back to what it was a couple hours ago.
It appears that we have lost some posts due to this and I am working on getting this worked out so please bear with me as I will be shutting down the service for a little while so I can try and do some file clean ups. Sorry for this as it is somewhat out of my control. bob
Ok, I've done some basic maintanence and hopefully it's back to normal. Sorry for having to bring this down but this board uses cgi programing which everytime someone posts is updating and when our server backs up the files, it's on the fly while things are changing, so what happens is all the indexs get curupted and screws us up when they have to go to their backup when they experience a problem which causes us a problem with lost posts and such. Hopefully I've got things stable but if not please don't shoot me! [Dual]
Thanks Bob! Lost a few posts, and missed you guys already but other than that I actually got some work done! [Duh!] [ December 04, 2002, 02:18 PM: Message edited by: Pablo ]
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