BMW Parts from China

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Dec 26, 2005
Upper Midwest
I'm working on changing out the power steering lines and the oil hoses to/from the filter canister (which go through the engine mount) on my BMW, and one of the oil lines I noticed was made in China. I got this from a BMW dealer, so obviously BMW is outsourcing at least some part production to China. Maybe I missed they were doing this but I hadn't seen it before on any parts I got from the dealer. BTW what a tedious and difficult job it is to change out those lines while the engine is in the vehicle. I don't think I've ever done a more difficult job on any car, ever.
That sucks frown All the BMW parts I ordered when I had mine were made in Germany, or at the least, some part of Europe.
It came with the usual blue and white BMW sticker/tag, so I'm pretty sure it is legit. In a way I'm happy to still be able to get the part because some parts are annoyingly NLA for this old car.
I believe China forces foreign companies to partner with a Chinese company to make cars in China. They also do that so they can avoid the tariffs on imported cars. So it's probably a real BMW part that's made in China to BMW specs. Or a good fake. I did pick up a Mercedes part that claimed it was OEM, but it was from China and at half the price. Sure enough, it was a fake and it didn't even fit. That was ebay though and it was just a hood ornament so it didn't matter. All the packaging and part numbers looked right though.
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That sucks frown All the BMW parts I ordered when I had mine were made in Germany, or at the least, some part of Europe.
Used to be European countries were known for certain products, now they are only known for massive immigration. Germany......machine tools, cars, optics, firearms, scientists, beer Ireland......linen, beer, army knifes, chocolate, beer Italy.....leather goods, artists, beer France.....perfume, food, fashion, wine England......porcelain, silverware, beer Scotland....wool, beer Scandinavia........skis, beer
It's legit I'm certain, the BMW dealer got it from the regional BMW parts warehouse. I did a little searching and it appears that it's getting more common, but I guess I missed that it was happening and this is the first one I've seen (maybe it is more common with newer cars). The other tags on the bag don't list the COO. Now please will they make a right sunroof gate? I need one of those too and they aren't available.
i have bought supposedly oem bmw parts from online vendors that came from China/turkey/ Spain and a few others i can't remember. Bmw is building cars in china these days so parts from them should be ok.
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Where did you order this from? Might be a Replica Part not a REAL OEM part.
Doubt a counterfeiter is going to put a "Made in China" sticker on it unless the OEM part also had a sticker that said "Made in China". Doesn't surprise me anymore that any company in the world might have stuff made in China.
Nice article. Japan was not included! Last paragraph. "The world of car manufacturing is getting way smaller, and quality differences between vehicles made by major automakers—whether in Mexico, the United States, Germany, or China—are negligible." Respectfully, Pajero!
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Hopefully the part is made with BMW quality control and to BMW specifications.
Jesus, I hope not. I rather it made to US or Asian quality.
All manufacturers are making parts in China now inc GM and Ford. China is the worlds largest car market so it only makes sense for them to manufacture parts in country. I can see VW and other companies abandoning the US market and GM spinning off Buick at some point given the projected growth of the Chinese market. The part is no doubt genuine and quality up to BMW standards, I wouldn't give it another thought.
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