BMW 20w-50 synthetic recommendation

Nov 22, 2022
So I have an e28 535i with a m30b34 the manual in my climate recommends 20w-50. I have been using royal purple hps but I would like to move to something better. The engine has solid faces on the rockers instead of rollers so I still need zddp in the oil but I'm fine with adding it. What oil, and additive would you guys recommend.
Nothing wrong with the RP HPS. Do you have any UOA's to even think that there is something better? What climate/location?

Around here, Mobil1 15w50 is easy enough to order/locate, and would be another choice. Redline also has their 50 grades in 10w 15w and 20w varieties too.
Do you have a cold climate? I would continuance with what you're doing. Mobil 1 15w-50. There is Redline 10w40, too
I live in houston so it ranges from 10-105 F. I don't have a problem with the oil itself but I have to order it, and I can only buy it in single quarts.
An e28? nice car. I just love the old round headlight bmw's with the beaver grille with no fancy stuff. Post a pic please.

And that engine is a non turbo straight 6 with nothing fancy like vanos if I'm not mistaken. That started in the mid 90's i believe. They'll run forever. You can use pretty much any 40 or 50 grade oil. No need for a zddp additive either. I'd get M1 15w-50 just since it's cheap, great, and locally available but honestly a even a 30 grade will make that engine run forever. If it was mine i wouldn't be against using a thinner euro rated oil.
Another vote for the very robust M1, 15W-50. If it's good enough for 750HP 1.8L turbocharged engines, it will easily handle the load of the BMW engine.