Blue mountain oil filter loses paint, rusts

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Jun 15, 2003

This filter's been on my neon for two weeks and 80 miles. It looked perfect when installed, but sat on my shelf for a year and on Lowes' shelf for who knows how long.

Is a 20195 cross "long" filter, and hangs down a bit, getting sandblasted. But, jeez.
I'm not sure I'd run an oversized filter if it puts it in harm's way.

But, my first thought was who cares what the paint on an oil filter looks like. My second thought was if this is only two weeks old what will it look like in 6 months?
That's what you get with cheap filters. Good filters like a tough guard or Ultra have a specifically thicker coating of paint so this doesn't happen.

This should not happen that fast with any filter though. From every thread I've seen of blue Mountain filters I wouldn't trust them on my car not matter how cheap they are. You'd be much better off with a Supertech filter.

This post with video about Mann oil filters specifically mentions these issues too of cheap filters. With lack of corrosion protection and other issues.
The paint coming off is a problem, I would get that filter off the car immediately. Those filters are nothing but trouble. Imagine how cheap the bypass is if the paint is that bad? How about the efficiency?
Looks like Iron Mountain instead of Blue Mountain.

A coat of black Fram grippy stuff would solve this problem.

How much did you pay for this filter? Past experience tells me you got it for a bargain price. From the looks of it you got more than you bargained for.
99 cents on clearance. I got some PF16 crosses for 19 cents and they worked fine, further up the motor on their app (Ford 300-6.)
I'd bust out the wire brush & Rustoleum Rusty Metal primer if it was me! Looks like a Rust Belt special, poor metal prep for sure. Never saw any in these parts.
Not impressive but I believe the main problem here is that filter is taking a beating. I'd switch that out for a shorter FL-910s equivalent that is better protected.
I've never seen an oil filter look that bad outside of a yard that never crushes its cars.
If they couldn't even get the paint right, you have to wonder about the quality of the important bits inside.
Originally Posted By: bullwinkle
I'd bust out the wire brush & Rustoleum Rusty Metal primer if it was me! Looks like a Rust Belt special, poor metal prep for sure. Never saw any in these parts.

This being Maine I need to shoot it with pickup bed liner, this is the do all be all "paint".
If you are this concerned, replace it. The cheapest budget filter would be better than this IMO. As said, if it looks this bad on the outside, how does the inside look?

X2 on not running an oversized filter if it hangs down like this. Enough salt on bare steel could cause a pinhole leak.
I'm not concerned, just chagrined. I figure it'll leak spots in the driveway before it fails, or it'll blow spectacularly one cold morning.

I may have (shh) used a filter wrench to tighten this, which explains the missing paint from the "finger flats" but not the dome end.
I'd remove it and screw on a SuperTech. What oil are you using eljefino? Hopefully not 20W50 up there in Maine.
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