Blend Installed - 50/50 Amsoil/Pennzoil

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
Bear with me folks, this is a bit emotional.

I put the 50/50 Amsoil and Pennzoil 15W-40's together last night.

Other than the "brief" flings I had with Chevron and ST oils during the AutoRx cleaning my old 1985 Volvo turbo has had Amsoil of different viscosities for many many moons. The car has 248K miles. So throwing a blend of oils in is not only heresy, it's totally anti-Al and probably violates the Patriot act as well.

The oil change was nominal. Took my sample of the 10K mile straight Amsoil 15W-40. I'll post my old 10K sample in a few days...(Is half a sample bottle enough....I only got it 1/2 full, for some strange brain fert reason)

Filled one FL-1A with the Penns, the other with Amsoil. Total of 3 qts of each in. All seems difference in engine noise. One scary thing: The oil pressure is WAY higher when cold.....we can assume the reasons. Pressure is about the same hot.

One question: Should I give in and add LC to the mix???
I think a half a sample bottle is enough, they usually say to fill it up just in case they need more for some reason. I've sent a half bottle in myself and gotten back results from it, so obviously I sent them enough.

Originally posted by Pablo:

One question: Should I give in and add LC to the mix???

No, wait for good data. If it were my engine, I'd add LC yesterday, just in case.
per Satterfi:


If it were my engine, I'd add LC yesterday, just in case

I'm of that thought too, believe it or not. I think LC would work great in the combo.....I just really want to see how the combo works without.

Thanks Patman. I was really tired after work...not thinking (plus I had gone for a healthy run at dawn) I can only imagine the lab may be short for the viscosity measurement....I had the taller oil pan under the car, plug broken free and then I remembered as the hot oil spilled forth that the bottle won't swing freely to hold erect and I angle filled it 50%...

The LL cost me $1.89US qt, the AME $3.85US qt. The two filters were $2.89US each at Wally a "cheap" oil change....we'll see how far I can go!

The results will be interesting. I have a feeling the results will be good.

Interesting feelings have been good before...

One thing REALLY scares me....I think the cold flow will be REAL issue in the winter, vs. straight synthetic.......
**** wrote:


And next, I presume you will work more on your secret formula to turn lead into gold?

Although I'm not an alchemist, I play one on TV.

Listen, I won't give some auto glovebox manual writers much respect, sometimes I won't oil blender chemists much respect either. I'm not loving on or dissing Scheafer's chemists but their blends pretty much always look good in UOA...Amsoil does just OK. So for me to pursue a lower cost oil that has equal performance may not be so whacked.....I have enough experience to know that putting this blend in my car will not cause immediate destruction.
I can say this blend so far is amazingly stable. I know it hasn't been a month, but with the extra driving, the higher temps and the trailer pulling - the fill level on the dipstick hasn't even moved.....

I feel like driving to Florida and back just so I can do the analysis sooner!
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