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Jan 6, 2005
North Alabama
How long does it usually take from the day you drop your used oil sample in the mail until Blackstone does their UOA? I mailed a sample to them last Thursday morning......just wondering when I'd be getting my results e-mailed to me. The suspense is killing me. [Wink]
It's been right at 7 days from the time I took the sample to the post office until I got results vis e-mail. I'm in KY so that may make a bit of difference in shipping times.
[Off Topic!] I have emailed Blackstone through the link at BITOG requesting the collection kits to send for UOA 3 times. Have not received any yet. How do you get your? Just curious, maybe time to make a phone call to them
wavinwayne, I live in Huntsville so our times will be very close. I have mailed it on Monday morning & got it back on Wednesday. The latest 2 samples were sent on the 14th and I received the analysis back on the 17th, Thursday & 18th, Friday.
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