Blackstone-Spotlight on Oil Brands

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Jun 10, 2002
Chattanooga, TN
Received a short newsletter in the mail yesterday from Blackstone Laboratories. Here are a few quotes

"It doesn't really matter what brand of oil you use. We always do recommend using an oil grade recommended for your engine by the manufacturer and a brand that fits your budget. The grade of oil is much more important to performance then the brand of oil"

Further " The oils that you find at any mass retailer are actually name brand oils, but with the store's label on it" The only difference between the "generic" brand and the name brand oil is the name on the bottle and about 50 cents per quart"

So, to some degree this appears to go against what is spoken by many members of this board. They recommend using analysis to test which brand is going to perform better in your car also. I don't understand how they can say that the grade is more important then the brand and then recommend analysis to see which "BRAND" performs better in your engine.

Comments on Blackstone Labs Newsletter advice!!!!
Obviously a "Blackstone Analysis will solve everything". Also they don't say that buying a particular "brand" is not important-just less important than the grade. And when they say the only difference is the bottle and $.50 they are comparing the "known" brand to a bottle store bottle of "known" brand But this info in "unknown to us".

Way to much spin here. Blackstone's Theory: "Save $2.00 on an oil change by buying an unknown brand and then spend $25 to determine if the "unknown brand works" ". Works for them
But even that's contradictory-because they imply that all store brands are the equal of brand names.
*shrug* looks reasonable to me, for an in-house newsletter. Whenever reading anything from any news outlet, keep in mind who is underwriting it.

Full text:

Basically it says "hey for most people any oil is going to get the job done" -- which IMO is true -- "but if you want to know which one works *best* for your engine, test different brands through analysis." Nothing particularly radical there I don't think.

I had hoped the newsletter would be a bit more technical but what's there seems pretty harmless.

Cheers, 3MP
I also saw Blackstone say the oil and filter doesn't matter, neither does whether it is synthetic or conventional. They said they do believe that pre-oilers and bypass filters produce good results.

I also think those statements are just salesmanship. Gee, can you tell they don't sell motor oil?
Too much spin here. At 3k mile drains, no it doesn't matter but for extended drains and in high performance cars, the brand of oil absolutely makes a difference. This is "over generalizing" at it's best.
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