Blackstone Reports 101

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Dec 4, 2004
1/2 hr N.E. of Detroit
I'm trying to learn the basics of these reports & need help. Could someone list the minimum & maximum good numbers next to each of these items below. I know it's a little work involved here. If possible, please list the good index... ie... (7 thru 14) for example. Also.... concerning the viscosity numbers shown below for this report. Is that the same as "TBN" numbers. I notice Blackstone left out the TBN in this one. Thanks in advance ALUMINUM 2 CHROMIUM 1 IRON 16 COPPER 4 LEAD 5 TIN 1 MOLYBDENUM 14 NICKEL 0 MANGANESE 1 SILVER 0 TITANIUM 0 POTASSIUM 0 BORON 31 SILICON 6 SODIUM 4 CALCIUM 2110 MAGNESIUM 304 PHOSPHORUS 934 ZINC 1076 BARIUM 0 Viscosity @ 210F 70.3 Flashpoint 395 Fuel <0.5 Water 0 Insolubles 0.4 [ February 23, 2005, 11:41 AM: Message edited by: Triple_Se7en ]
You have to specify TBN or not when you use Blackstone. I think its best to have Terry Dyson interpit your numbers. He can answer every possible question regarding this oil in this engine for this OCI. Please read Vettemans instructions on what to include in posts. There is no info on the vehicle, miles in use, OCI, what oil was used, driving conditions, any make up oil, oil filter, any adds? etc
Originally posted by 59 Vetteman: Triple 7, what vehicle and miles?
I think he's referring to the UOA I posted today [Big Grin] : M1 5W-40, 6500 miles, '00 Saab 9-5, 2.4L Triple_Se7en , I try not to get hung up on the actual PPM. Instead, I look at how my wear metals compare against the Universal Averages and how consistent my PPMs are from one analysis to the next. My viscocity of 70.3 lets me know the oil is staying in grade (Blackstone says values should be between 65-78 for a 40 weight). Next time, I'll pay the additional cost for a TBN, so I can see how much useful "life" is left in the oil. For the low OCIs I've been running, I didn't feel it was cost effective to pay for a TBN every time.
Blackstone does not do TBN unless you ask for it and there is an extra charge for getting TBN values. On this website main page, there is a good explanation of what you are looking for. Click on the " what is oil analysis", 3rd line down. You will get a complete description. [ February 23, 2005, 12:26 PM: Message edited by: haley10 ]
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