Blacked or "night" edition vehicles new fad?

Mostly black with a little bit of chrome looks the best, IMO.
The black wheel fad, if I am not mistaken, was originally thought of as a mean "race car look." (You can be just like Dale Earnhardt.)

Putting my money where my mouth is.
Next week, I will be getting some light (22.7# ea) matte black rims,
to go on my "Caviar Black" Lexus UX 250h F-Sport.
These wonderful NorCal freeway potholes have bent my smokey gray chrome F-Sport wheels,
and they are bloody expensive to replace.

I usually ask if I can get the black edition in white. If so thats usually the model I buy.
If not I'll step down to the trim level I can get a white vehicle.
Honda lost a nice sum from me from their decision to make the top end model available only in Black.

Its just too hot here in California/Arizona/ Nevada for black cars.
I've seen trees chasing dogs where I live and travel.

Living in coastal Texas and Now New Mexico the Heat and or dust is too much for a black on black ride. My Phoenix buddy said once, “when you see a black car here it is either a tourist...or an idiot”.
Black vehicles are impossible to keep clean. You can wax a black vehicle and by the time you get back to where started, that part of the vehicle is already dusty again...and black wheels always look like they're covered in brake dust, even when they're clean...
Black is the official sporting colour of New Zealand - a black vehicle is patriotic for me. No black car at the moment, but a black motorcycle, and yes, a matt black helmet, black jacket. Black bicycle. You can touch up a back paint job with a sharpie.

Go All Blacks!