Black & Decker Cordless Beater Batteries

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Jan 3, 2004
northern Alabama
I'm trying to get replacement batteries for an old Black & Decker cordless beater type 3 3.6VDC catalog # 9210 with date code 8920T. The 3 batteries themselves have p/n 146527-00 8836. I need new batteries. Sears Parts Direct shows this battery pack as p/n 681905-01 but discontinued, of course. Batteries + Bulbs doesn't have anything.
eBay has all sorts of batteries. I buy up-rated chinese batteries for old stuff. Most work just fine
I have an old 12V B&D drill. A couple years ago, I found a Chinese clone battery on Amazon with twice the charge. So far, it works well.
I second the amazon or ebay clone battery. buy a better one, not the cheapest, and itll last for a while. I found one for my old 9.6v dewalt and its stronger than a 14v black and decker I had.
looks like it's probably sub-c cells (slightly shorter and skinnier than a c-cell). If you brought the battery pack to my store, I would charge you $21 for a rebuild w/ 1 year warranty. At this point, your best option would be to find a battery store or a company that does power tool battery rebuilds. The 3 cells need to be tack-welded together along with the tabs or wires that attach it to the tool. It looks like they probably have standard flat spade terminals tack-welded to the battery and wire leads that clip onto them. Otherwise, you may be able to pick up some tabbed sub-c's for around $3 each and go to town with a solder gun.
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