BKstone oil sample pump/some UOA questions.

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
(I think I saw some of the info I'm seeking about an year ago, but can't locate that thread): Hi guys, I'm planning to do an UOA (my 2nd one on the T-bird)in a few months, and have some questions: 1) I want to take the oil sample myself this time. I'm planning on using the oil-sample-pump seen on the Blackstone website. are there similar, but cheaper sample pumps? where to find them? 2) I know I have to get the oil hot before taking the sample, BUT: When I insert the tube of the sample pump into the dipstick tube, how do I prevent the oil from the very bottom of the pan being drawn to the bottle? I want to get some oil from the "middle" of the reservoir... is this thinking correct? shall I lift the tube after I feel that it touches the bottom of the pan before pumping? What's the best "technique" to get some clean oil from the middle? Anything else I should be careful about? 3) Can i use this oil pump to draw out about a quart of oil to be replaced with another oil if I need to? or does it work only for very small amounts? 4) As of now, which lab would you guys recommend? BKstone or ButlerCat? Thanks a lot for any tips/advice you guys have on this. [Smile]
I'm no expert on this, but I'll try to help. 1) I got mine from AVlube. I'm not sure if it was cheaper, or more expensive than Blackstone. 2) I just put the tube thru the dipstick and didn't worry about it. Im not sure it would matter as long as the engine is hot. It doesn't seem to me like you should have a bunch of dirty oil on the bottom of the pan. I pulled 1/2 sample, then put the cap on the bottle shook it and dumped it out. Pulled about 3/4 the second time. Then the 3rd time is the sample I sent in. 3) You could probably draw a quart with the pump, but the bottle on the pump only holds abt 6oz I think. So it wouldn't be really fast. 4) ButlerCat seems to have really good prices. I'll be using them next I think. [ March 25, 2005, 10:08 PM: Message edited by: 04SpecV ]
Hi 97, When you get ready to take your sample hold the tubing up to the dipstick and compare lengths. Don't stick the tubing in any farther than the length of the dipstick, this will keep you off the bottom. Do this immediately after shutting off the engine before the solids have time to settle. You don't have to worry about a middle sample if the engine was just running and the oil is well mixed. As 04 says it's a good idea to draw a sample, shake bottle, discard it, draw again, shake bottle, discard, then finally take the sample. This will help flush the tubing and remove any debris that gets pushed into into it by insertion into the engine. Something else, make sure you hold the gun upright so the bottle is vertical otherwise you will contaminate the sample gun with oil. If you get any oil in the gun you did something wrong. Some people use a big syringe to take samples, you might be able to find one for a couple bucks at a farm store. Make sure it fits the tubing securely so you get a good seal. As for guns, all the labs sell sample guns so shop around. You can get different size bottles to fit them, you just need to know the thread size which I can't remember for sure but I think it is 38-400 or something like that. Good luck.
Thanks to both of you for answering...it helped me a lot already. STINKY: I have a few further questions for you, if have a chance to answer them: 1) you said to hold the bottle "vertical" so i guess that means the syringe/pump part has to be horizontal, right( I think the bottle and the pump/syringe part are at a right angle to each other)? 2) How can i order a test-kit? By calling you? (when I click on the link to the test-kit, it takes me to an Ebay site; Can I get it from you directly?) 3) The oil I'll be testing is a mixture of 10/30 and 10/40 in 2:3 ratio(Motorcraft). I have no idea what kind of TBN this had as virgin. So is there any point in getting TBN done? I mean, even though I didn't have a VOA done on this "brew", can the TBN still be useful to me? Thanks again..
Yep just hold the gun so the oil doesn't spill out of the bottle. I'll send you a PM on the other questions. You could do a TBN if you want, the fact that you mixed won't make it invalid. I myself wound not do one unless you are trying to extend drain period out a long time. To me it's better to invest the money in a second sample later on.
97tbird As to question #3, a SoBe favored water drink 20oz bottle fits perfectly on my Amsoil sample pump as to drawing larger amount of oil, atf, and power steering fluids. I think most sample bottles are standardize and can be used on any pump. HTH...bgin
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