BITOG Friendly Restaurant

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May 25, 2005
CT, YL of USSA aka Oceania
Tonight I took my family to Fuel Pizza restaurant that turns out to be BITOG friendly with a lot of gasoline and oil company memorabilia. The choice to go there was based on the menu and I was surprised with the decor when I walked in the door. It turns out that the owners have a warehouse filled with gasoline and oil related items for their restaurants. If you are around the Charlotte, NC area you have to check out Fuel Pizza. Here's a couple pics from inside the Park Rd restaurant:
If you talk about Al Gore do big bouncers come out and invite you back in two weeks, no sooner? LOL "I've gotta go to the can" has a literal meaning!
Lancasters BBQ, on Beatties Ford Rd just north of Mount Holly-Huntersville Rd, is pretty cool too. They have old gas pumps and oil signs all over the place inside. The building, I believe, used to be an old service station.
Fuel serves beer too. Their food is pretty good, and not excessively priced for "uptown." I'd go there a lot more often if it was convenient for me.
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