Bit the bullet on some Mobil Super 5000 w/ rebate

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Aug 13, 2011
Picayune, MS
I decided to nab the deal on the Mobil Super 5000 w/ DriveWorks filter from Advance for $9.99 after rebate. With tax after rebate it comes to about $11. Not bad, $11 for an oil change. Got two jugs for two rebates. But the wife says I have to stop stockpiling oil for awhile, and I don't blame her, we have about seven changes' worth of oil sitting in our closet. I will be changing the oil in my Hyundai soon as the GTX in there will be nearing the 3k mark, and hey, I might as well since I have the filters and the oil to do it. How do you all like the new Mobil Super? I've heard some good things about it and we'll have to see how it does in our vehicles come spring/summer...
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Mobil Super 5000 is a great oil for a fair price. I have used it in the past without any problems to report.
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