bioware going human d&d in gaming.

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May 20, 2014
quebec canada
OK this one probably flew under the radar.any dungeon master here (tabletop dungeon and dragon style?)bioware seem to have noticed an oddity at twich.TV every week real dungeon master d&d old school style .a lot of people listen to them (I'm one of the listener .why you might ask .its not on a computer screen!I all respond :till yesterday.bioware decided to literally implement a system of dungeon master in one of their upcoming game titled shadow realm .nvm the game title .its a worn out title.but the fact that ;say 5 people will go in a dungeon or whatever and meet a dungeon master made obstacle or funnyness?I saw some of the dungeon master work and I tell you this could be what PC gaming was missing.the only question is :is the dungeon master almost in real time? 3 minute space between DM and the group to prevent stream snipping say in twich
can you run that through an engrish translator and come back with the cliff notes version?
Not open for further replies.