Biodiesel in India

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Jan 1, 2006
Illinois From the Christian Science Monitor article:
Officials are also looking at cheaper alternatives to palm oil-based biodiesel. The seed of the jatropha tree, for example, can be processed into biodiesel more cheaply than palm oil. The trees grow well in places where little else can, and the crop might even be able to ease poverty in remote areas with marginal farmland. "If jatropha can meet the demand, we will use that for biodiesel," says Nenny Sri Utami, head of research at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. But while jatropha was grown during World War II in Indonesia to fuel Japanese tanks and airplanes, the plantations fell into disuse afterward. Redeveloping them into a viable fuel option would take years, and energy technologies might evolve in the meantime. The second link has some interesting stuff in it. Definitely check out "plantation", "fatty oils", and "1,2,5,10 TPD". Gives you an idea of what a small scale biodiesel plant looks like.
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