Biodegradeable Oil

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Feb 17, 2008

I first heard about this company about a year ago and have been watching it on and off. Their 5w-30, the first of their 4 stroke oils, has hit shelves recently and I've been considering trying it. Before I do, I was hoping to get some discussion started about it on here. You guys know significantly more about oil than I do so if you think I should stay away then I will. My car has about 137k miles and I normally use Castro or Pennzoil high mileage.
Take a look at Renewable Lubricants, Inc (RLI). There are several board members that swear by them. I didn't post a link because I didn't see them on the sponser thread, but you can easily find them online.

I have not personally used them.
They make a great product, I have used it once, and have 2 jugs of it to try it again. Best of all it's made from renewable resources.
It does what it's supposed to. I'm not surprised about the price of the stuff given the scale of the operation ..or at least the scale of the automotive end of the operation.
''American-grown renewable animal fats. These saturated fats, whose molecular single-bond carbon chains are similar to common petroleum oils,''

I might risk using those. I still say unsaturated vegetable oils are a dumb idea as a base for motor oil.
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