Bio-Diesel-Man on Dirty Jobs on The Discovery Channel

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Jul 6, 2005
USAF Museum
For your viewing pleasure...

Tuesday, December 6: 9:00PM EST

Wednesday, December 7: 1:00AM EST

Wednesday, December 21: 10:00PM EST

Thursday, December 22: 2:00AM EST
Thanks. My boys and I really enjoy that show. Currently trying to get Schaeffers on for its grease production. What could be dirtier, hotter, and pia to clean up than blending grease for 3 days.
where I work, we burn about 150,000 litres of diesel just to get the boilers lit and running them on coal. 8 units, 2-3 times each per year.

We've got a corporate innovation system going, and have o do all sorts of presentations to go and convince management that we are thinking.

So I opened this presentation by handing the audience an MSDS, and told them to read it carefully before handling the sample bottle that I was about to send around the room.

Should have seen the fear in their eyes as I handed out a bottle of Rapreseed Ethyl Ester (glycerine not removed), that I prepared in my own kitchen.

Finally, one or two READ the MSDS, and were amazed to find that table salt is twice as toxic as the stuff they were handling.
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