Bike Oil in Car?

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Jan 12, 2004
A friend wants to sell me Silkolene Pro 4 15W50, which is a bike oil, I think. Is it OK to use it in my Mazda 323 BP Turbo 1.8? I live in Malaysia, so humidity and ambient temperature is high. Driving conditions are tough, lots of start-stop in traffic, and occasionally I do drive fast. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Should be fine,but why?Moto oil is usually a lot more expensive,most(myself included) put car oil in their bike because it's a lot cheaper and just as good(as long as it's not energy conserving).
Well perhaps someone will know the details of the oil-but in general bike oils have fewer friction modifiers than automotive oils. Also the Phosphorus may be high and over time damage the catalytic converter. Don't get me wrong its probably gonna be O.K. but I'd want to know a little more about the oil. [Welcome!]
I am worried that despite being fully synth ... will it have adverse effects, or harm/damage the turbo or reduce the life of the turbo? My friend says its designed for bikes which rev high, so a 7000 redline engine should be fine ... and the viscosity is 15W50 so it should be OK. Does anyone know if this Silkolene Pro 4 is suitable for automobile engines? Pricewise, it's OK for me, relatively.
No one in the USA will know much about Fuchs Silkolene. I think that oil is API SJ. What does your owners manual call for? (vis and API) As for harming you turbo...probably not. In fact, with your climate the oil should be ok to flow at start with no issues (you didn't expect that I bet) - because that's the bigger worry - oil supply to the turbo bearings with a cold engine. People in the U.S. have ruined their turbos using petroleum 20W-50, thinking that thicker oil is what the turbo needs....! It'll work, but being SJ could have more P, but that will take many years of use to harm the cat. As for friction modifiers, I can only guess that it doesn't have do many organic FM's (typical for bike oil) and yeah I don't even know if that oil has Mo (maybe not). It'll work, but you have zero right to sue me, Al, or BiTOG if it doesn't [Wink]
I think this is a fine product. I'm unable to get a data sheet. This is a racing/competition oil, so I question that it would be good for a daily driver with a lot of start and stop traffic jams. Since it's sold as a competition/race oil and the manufacturer does not say it is for daily driver use, I would question it as such. It may not have the anti-wear agents and TBN you need in a daily driver, even though you drive hard.
which part of malaysia are you from? i'm from labuan and now currently studying in michigan, united stated. and your name scudracer reminds me of something, are you a member of another board like asianauto forum or sort like that?
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