Bike mileage per year?

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Should be at 3k this year! At 2635 right now. In another 100 miles will bike 8k on various bikes.
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I'm a commuter so don't have alot but enough! Keeps the weight off and dropped my cholesterol almost 60 points! Started back in 2009 and 2010 but only put a couple hundred on a junk bike. Gotten better with the Specialized and Trek in the stable. I'd rather ride than drive to work any day. I have fenders and studded tires for the Specialized. All weather all the time.. snow, storms you name it. Quite fun actually, people don't know if I'm awesome or stupid. Probably both! 2010 - 237 2014 - 852.29 on a old Huffy! 2015 - 2082.5 2016 .. I should be around 2200. Was shooting for over 3000 miles but had a low energy issue which finally figured it out!
On average last 10 years - 8000…10000km /5000..6000miles/year. But infrastructure and climate here allows that.
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Well it looks like the snow is finally going to fly here in Southern Ontario at the end of the week. If the snow doesn't stop me then the colder temperatures will. I think I will top out at around 4500 km. I know it is not much when compared to some of the cycling vets around here but it was good riding season for me.
I live in NJ, I limit my riding in the winter. My most was 8,000 miles, many years I've done 4-5,000, some 2,500, because of illness I'm going to be doing 1,500.
I set out with the goal to bike 2,000 miles last year, and I hit that. Not sure what I should set for this year--3k is probably too ambitious. But I'd be happy to do 2k again. Big chunk of it was lunchtime rides at work--short distances but if I go every day, it added up.
About 8000 miles this year - roughly my annual average for the last few years. Roughly half of that is on my smart-trainer as Maine weather is not exactly conducive to winter riding frown
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