Big score of vintage cast iron pans

Sep 10, 2005
Erie, PA
1.) Wagner Sidney long griddle (1147 casting.)
2.) Erie Bailed #12 griddle (741 casting.)
3.) Good Health No 6 skillet (656 casting.)
4.) Wagner Sidney 0 10 inch (1109 casting.)
5.) Griswold SBL EP #5 skillet (724G casting.)
6.) Wagner's 1891 Original #3 skillet.
7.) Alfred Anderson & Co., Plett Pan (2980 casting.)
8.) Findlay 10 inch griddle (No 10 Canada)
9.) QTY 2 Wagner's 1891 Original #8 Skillet (Smooth Texture) / (Twin with very course texture not pictured.)
10.) Lodge No 9 TB Grill Skillet (Not vintage - Just new old stock) Never used or seasoned.


I have tried most, cannot figure out how to make photo 7 plett pan make eggs without sticking. I have seasoned it 4 times. Crisco and beef lard. Gunna do 4 more with flax oil. Also worth mentioning photo 8 and 2 are absolute gems, they were already perfectly seasoned. Photo 10 as pictures has 2 coats of seasoning from being new old stock.
This was a local auction and was from a collector, so for me just getting started it was the prefect score. They were all cleaned and pre seasoned many years ago.
Low and slow with cast iron. The seasoning is more a rust preventive than a non-stick coating. Nice collection of pans!
Nice. I’ve only ever heard of Lodge brand. Never knew there were other brands. I love using cast iron to cook. We do it occasionally at home.

Here are the Wagners 1891 number 8 pans. Course texture on left, smooth texture on right. I need to do better with the seasoning. I messed up the one on the right and got high spots.
I bought a refurbished Griswold on Ebay many years ago. Wish I knew the vendors name, it's very smooth and came seasoned to perfection.
I really like it.