Big Block Chevy...stop and go driving.

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Mar 11, 2003
Hi I'm new to this forum and I hope I'm not bringing up something that has been discussed alot in the past. One of our deliverly trucks has a 454 /TH400 with 3.73 gears.This truck is forced to see alot of low speed ( low RPM ) stop and go use.Often times barely getting up to 180 deg water temp and then shut down... It travels from one of our locations to the other and back within the same city.So it would seem that even tho it see low amounts of mileage it's use would seem to harder on the engine. The last truck we had that was basically the same use used dino 30 weight.The oil was changed every 1000 miles or so and when the engine was disassembled it looked quite good. The typical weather here rarely gets below 40 deg F and typically doesnt get much above 98 deg F during the hours of truck use.Most of the time between 50 and 85 deg F as a yearly type of spread. Given these parameters what would you guys suggest as a proper oil for this trucks use ? Thanks....Calvin
Rotella T Delo 400 Delvac 1300 Super (In no particular order, although I like Delo 400) All in 15w-40 $6 gallon
Thanks Justin, Please forgive my ignorance.I dont really recgonise those brand names.In the area around here we have a fair amount of brands available but most are the traditional brand names. Kendall, Castrol , Valvoline ,Penzoil, Havoline ,Red Line , Royal Purple ect. 15W-40...Given the above parameters this would likley be a better choice than a typical straight 30 weight then ? We have always had good results with the straight 30 Weight .The advantage would be mainly the cold flowing ability of the 15W-40 over the 30 weight ? Are the brands you mentioned synthetic oils ?? Thanks again.
Those oils I mentioned are "dino" oils, not synthetics. The three oils I mentioned (Shell Rotella T, Chevron Delo 400, Mobil Delvac 1300 Super) are heavy-duty "diesel" oils. Compared to "regular oils", they are much, much heavier duty (to deal with a diesel engines lubrication needs...they are the same exact oils that are run in semis). Good thing is though, all three of these oils are API SL rated, which means they are safe to run in gasoline engines. They are known as "mixed-fleet" oils. Also, compared to a straight 30 weight oil, it will offer much better startup protection. Also, being a 15w-40, it will protect the engine when (if) it is every worked hard. You can find these oils at any Wal-Mart or most parts stores. Sorry for being so vague...just got back from a test (yeah college!) and I'm tired...I'm sure others here can elaborate on what I've said. Thanks, Justin. Here's Some Links: [ March 13, 2003, 10:17 AM: Message edited by: Justin ]
Well-since you are changing oil very frequently and are not specifically requiring a synthetic oil-I would have another consideration. It doesn't really sound like you are really hard on the vehicle in terms of high temperatures. I would consider the Chevron or Castrol 10W-30. Both of these oils hold up well in the oil analysis we have seen. If you are really hammering the vehicles then go with the 15W-40 as was suggested. With that gas hog the 30 wt. will give you a bit better economy. If you decide to go with the 40 wt I would recommend (this is subjective) the Delo or Delvac 1300 over the Rotella. [Welcome!]
Hi Al , Thanks for the welcome.Yes you are correct this truck really doesnt get much over 190 deg F water temp.It seems like changing oil every 1000 miles sounds excessive but it takes 3 or 4 months to go 1000 miles.About the time the straight 30 WT starts to change color is roughly 1000 miles.It just seems like all the stop and go and low temps it seems prudent to change frequiently. Sure seems alot more complicated these days.Used to be pretty easy with the old straight weights. With todays oils are the straight weights considered obsolete ??
Originally posted by Calvin: With todays oils are the straight weights considered obsolete ??
Pretty much. Straight weights are a dying breed. Multigrades work so much better at protecting an engine (especially one doing short trips!).
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