BG Fuel/Air Induction - vs - Redline 60103 SI-1 ?

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Aug 17, 2014
I have a 2000 F150,and in the process of doing maint. work. Which would be better ? BG Fuel/Air Induction - vs - Redline 60103 SI-1 complete fuel system cleaner ?
The dealer sold my wife on the BG cleaner while getting an oil change. Even though I already put Sl-1 in it. SMH I couldn't tell a difference between the two, except the price. I always use Sl-1 and have been pleased with it.
Or...would it be even better to have a mechanic clean the throttle body/intake manually?
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Two different things. One is an in the fuel tank system and the BG is a through intake and the fuel rail system. If you have a low mile GDI system the BG will do a better job but using the SI-1 would not be a bad thing to keep the injector internals clean. If no GDi then a regular spray can throttle body cleaning and the SI-1 will do a decent job, no need for the more expensive service. High mile GDI can have other issues that neither product will address, the injectors need to be pulled and cleaned professionally.
CRC Intake Valve Cleaner for GDi has pea and works awesome. Anything like Gumout Regane or Redline Si-1 with do the rest as best as possible.
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