BG-44K- Can I use it as I would Seafoam?

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Aug 6, 2010
So I already have a can of the BG – 44K in my gas tank right now, and I have another can. The manufacture date is June 2011. I was wondering whether it would be dangerous to my engine to run it to the vacuum hose as I would for Seafoam. Has anyone tried this, or had any good luck or bad luck with it? What about adding it to the oil and driving it for 100 miles and then changing the oil? Any indication that that's bad for the bottom end of my engine? Thanks
I've run everything from seafoam to water,acetone and mmo,along with various other products thru the vacuum lines of various engines. No harm done ever. Remember to go slow so you don't bend a rod. I drip it into the brake booster. A can of seafoam takes me 5 minutes to pour in. And only on a warm engine. Helps remove the carbon deposits better when they are warm.
I would contact your local BG distributor and ask them first before trying it. Their customer service is outstanding. I have used all sorts of BG products and services. They make great stuff and stand behind their products 100%. thumbsup Plus, you might not even need to add it to a vacuum line. Their is a good chance that the 44k in the gas tank may fix whatever problem you have! 44k is good stuff!
Doog, yes it's part of an induction service, but it's added to the tank and not through the intake. The induction service is a 3-part kit; 2 cans of air intake system cleaner that go through the intake system and one can of 44K in the gas tank. I'd recommend not putting 44K through the intake.
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