BFGoodrich Premier Touring on a '05 Corolla?

Quebec, Canada
Costco exclusive. Has anybody tried them? I have looked at them the other day and they look to be good tires at a fair price for my needs. Costco Canada will run a sale on these in April through May. I want low noise, a comfortable ride, a good tire in the rain and good steering. They will not be used in the winter as I have a dedicated set of wheels and winter tires. Being a Costco exclusive, I haven't found any other model that compares directly to the Premier Touring and the Tire Rack's owner's survey's don't list it as they don't sell it. I get that BFG is now Michelin's MOR (Middle Of The Road) brand and that this particular model has been introduced last year. By the same token, I would upgrade my tire size to the Corolla's S and LE 195/65-15, instead of the OEM 185/65-15. Any comments on this tire? A pricier but probably better alternative would be the Michelin Harmony, available at Canadian Tire as the Destiny.


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New Jersey
BFG all-terrain tires are the best on the market, IMO. I have seen good and bad about their car tires. They tend to provie good traction and good ride, but supposedly have a bit more rolling resistance. People tend to loose MPG with some of their tires. My favorite tires that are available in not too-high performance are the dunlop SP Sport A2, falken ziex ZE-512. Both are high-traction, good riding tires. Pirelli P6 tires (came on my saab) are good too. JMH