BFG AT KO vs. Michelin XCX APT

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
Sound vs. Traction?

Although I have no truck driving experiance with them the BFG ATKO's are known to be the loudest.

My second understanding is except for the BFG Mud Terrain, the ATKOR is prolly one of the best off-road + street tire elsewhere.

Are the MN XCX APT noticeably less?

Both are hot sellers regardless.
I replaced the OE BFG ATs on my truck (older style) with the new KOs this winter. The old ones had 46k on them, and were just starting to get a little cracked. I figured that 6-7 years was a bit too much. They were still great tires.

The new ones are even better. Quieter from the start (though I think they have gotten a bit noisier in the last 2K miles, but not like before). The most amazing thing was snow traction. The KOs carry a 'snow tire' designation, so they are in actuality full-fledged snow tires as well. Snow traction is amazing. The truck is great in snow, but it is even better now. Hard acceleration that would make the end go out in 2wd before now accelerates true. Hard stops to try and get ABS to go off (I do like to play in the snow when I can) didnt set off ABS as they did with the old tires.

So, overall traction is greatly improved over an excellent tire already, and quieter as well.

How loud is loud? On my Ranger the 30" BFG AT KO can't be heard. But then again my truck is insulated for sound so my stereo sounds better. I've put 10k on the current set and have about 13-14/32th of tread left, they come with 16/32th. And I'm not nice to the tires.

I have had many sets of BFG's. One of the biggest selling point for me is the extra sidewall ply. That means your less likely to get a puncture. I have had my share of flats (never on my BFG's) so to me this is important. The BFG MT's on my 4x4 have many cuts and ripped tread blocks with 6000 miles on them. Nothing has gone thru and not even close to a leak. On trails I run 9-10psi, lost a bead once on this set (so maybe that's my first flat on BFG's but that one was my fault). America's tire remounted for free, they even washed the mud out of the insides for me. There was no damage to the tire. My third set of MT's on that truck. And my second set of AT for my daily driver.

Besides, when was the last time Michelin won Baja. Better yet, when's the last time you saw Michelin's on a truck on a trail. A real trail not fireroads.

I convinced my dad to buy them for his 4runner. He has 360k miles on that truck and he has mostly used other tires, everything but BFG's. He bought the AT KO's and he says those are the best he has ever had. And he said he should have listened to me sooner.

I guess the question is how do you use your truck. Even my daily driver sees some dirt, mud, and sand. I also tow/haul and use it pretty hard.
The new BFG AT TA KOs on my 99 ZR2 don't make any noise. My OEM BFG AT TA (replaced at 86k miles didn't make any until right at the end when a belt finally broke after some nail damage 2 years prior (a snag that exposed some steel wire but did not go thru..)
I say they are pretty good tires...far as I'm concerned anyway...
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