BFG All Terrain Radials

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Mar 20, 2004
Camas, WA
They do well on snow but not to well on ice close to 32F, so be careful. I see a surprising number around here that have been siped.
for having a truck designed for off-roaqding and 4wd, etc., I am usually one of the slower on the highway when going gets tough. I figure better safe than sorry.

Interesting info though... Thanks for the warning!



Just wanted to put in a plug for the BF Goodrich All Terrain Radial Tires (the KO version). I have a 98 Chevy S-10 ZR2, and the original All terrain T/A tires in 31x10.5R-15 was the OE fitment.

They were good tires, and at 49k, with over 50% tread left, I decided it was time to change them. One had a nail plug, all showed signs of oxidation and cracking. I got the new KO all terrain radials and they are 200% the tire that the originals were, and thats sayign a LOT.

They carry a snow tire rating, and this weekend we got well over a foot. I had to be out driving in it, and the truck did great. It was nearly impossible to activate ABS during attempted 'panic stops' on slippery spots, where I wanted to try out the tires' abilities. It was much harder to spin out, even in 2HI than with the old ones, even when they were new. That doesnt mean I wasnt able to get stuck, or need to use 4wd, but these tires with a locking rear sure work well in an unloaded pickup truck.

needless to say Im really happy with them, and wanted to put this post in for anyone that may be searching in the future for info on these tires.

I've used the BFG A/T's on my Bronco for years. They're great, and I plan to buy the KO's next. Thanks for the writeup on them.

I have the BFG LongTrails on a Cherokee. Although they're more of a street tire, they do surprisingly well in snow. Very quiet on the highway.
I put the 33x9.50r15's on my wife's TJ. Great tire ..very expensive. We have over 45k on them and they aren't even near 1/2 way. BFG fixes the price. The vendor can only offer more services at that price. Mine are about $150 each. You can get Laramie Trail Cutters for about $96 ..but they aren't a (M)all terrain ..their a M/T.

Originally posted by TheLoneRanger:
I've used the BFG A/T's on my Bronco for years. They're great, and I plan to buy the KO's next. Thanks for the writeup on them.

I have the BFG LongTrails on a Cherokee. Although they're more of a street tire, they do surprisingly well in snow. Very quiet on the highway.

YA... but Cherokee's are good in the snow even with bald tires
.Have the KO's on my 01 TJ and really like year my 99 XJ will get a set
I use the BFG AT's on my daily driver 2wd pickup. I have driven them in all types of situations, and yes they suck on ice. But overall they are a great all terrain. Most people forget how tough they are as well. They have an extra ply on the sidewall. They will take a lot of abuse that will cut many other "off road" tires. I have run 3 sets of BFG MTs on my 4x4, same carcass. They are very tough, puncture and cut resistant, especially at low inflation, I've run em as low as 8psi. To me that is very important. Because cutting a sidewall is death to a tire.
I've got a question for you BFG-AT enthusiasts.
I also have a ZR2 (99) with the same OEM tires as JHZR2 and I love them as well. I have 86k on the truck now on the originals with still plenty of tread left. I have 1 tire however that a couple years ago looked like it snagged a nail or something. Nail went in deep enough to snag some belt material and expose it to the outside but did not go deep enough to cause an air leak. This week that tire finally started acting like it had a problem..could have slung a weight but I think the belt has finally started seperating...
At this point there is enough tread on the other tires that I could swap out my spare (never used) and go a bit further before getting a new set of tires (BFG AT KOs). I would be using my now defective tire as spare until I got new tires.
Should I just use that spare for a while, or should I just go get some new tires...
I am planning on keeping the truck forever if that makes a difference in opinion.
Are you saying the KO are better than the originals?
Ok, so I went to SamsClub and got'em...
I am amazed.
Of course one of the old ones had finally busted a belt last week so it was really oughta shape but they all still had good tread left.
These new ones ride like I guess back when the truck was new......I'm very happy I got them now.

JHZR2, why did you replace yours with half tread left? Mine still had a good 1/4 inch left at 86000 miles..
I guess time works on them too.
Here's an update, and a question..

JHZR2, (ok, anyone else can answer here as well..)have your new tires being slinging weights off....routinely?

Hope you are having better luck than I am..
Ever since getting those new "KO"s the driver side tires have been slinging weights off, almost every time I drive the truck, sometimes in less than a mile.
I can understand that angular momentum can help (it's always the driver side,outside weights. Could be the passenger side, inside weights but not as easily visible..)

I called Goodrich/Michelin and she said they had not had that problem reported (so I said just me right?), then she asked another guy and he said yeah, I'd have to use stick on weights. I guess that bead protector rubber is actually pushing those weights off, and momemtum is agravating that left side?..
Anybody having this problem, got any suggestions other than stick-ons?

Other than this, the tires are great.
see ya
had BFG AT 265/75/16's on the other half's Nissan Patrol since January, approx 15 000km already (yep, she does some miles) on the stock 8" rim, standard type weights and haven't had a problem.

Have BFG MT 255/85/16's (33.3" OD, same rim protector) on my Land Rover for the past 18 months on the stock 6.5" rim, no problems with losing weights there, either.

I switched from OEM Bridgestone 684 245/70/16 on stock Acura rims to the same size BFG ATko on the same rims. The truck is a rebadged Isuzu Trooper or Holden Jackaroo. Put the BFG on at about 40K the truck now has 100K plus. The tires have been superb on and off road. They have taken me up/down the Bitteroots, Cascades, Sierras and everything in between. They have taken me through Badwater in Death valley at -280 ft below sea level and Canyon De Chelly where we ran in deep sand at 6000 ft above sea level. I have a lot of air down miles in the Panamint and Death valley area. They have taken me through several blizzards in the sierras. My limitaton in snow is the visibility, a white out brings me to a halt even though I still have traction. Pretty good tires overall.
Ok, the stick-ons are on today, we will see if they just stay put now....

Accura- I never had any issue with the tread design or the (interior) construction, I agree with you- they work fine on/offroad for me too,
I just couldn't get the weights (clip-ons anyway) to stay on.
Thanks for the responses, any more still appreciated....
There are about 6 different shapes for balance weights. If the guys doing the balance work choose the wrong one, they can come off. I'll bet that's what the problem was.
Speaking on the different shapes of weights...Yeah, I've gotten a crash course on shapes of weights by each of these guys putting on these weights..then I drive away and when I get home some of the weights are gone...
I had been hoping that was the problem, but the weights keep flying off...
This problem with the weights slinging off has only happened with the new tires, I have 2 S10s (99 and 95) with these same wheels and no problems up till these new tires (on the 99) ...I'm stumped.
And watching these stickons closely now too...

Keep up with the suggestions y'all, I'm taking all this in...we'll finally figure this out...
I bought BFG (M)All-terrains for the wife's TJ when the OEM's were shot @ 50k (not bad). The jeep has 96k on it now and the BFG's have plenty of tread left.

One thing about BFG. You cannot cut a deal on them. They cost $150 each (mine are 33x9.50r15) and that's the price you'll see anywhere. They can give you a brand new Lincoln towncar free with them ...but that's the price you'll pay. That is, they'll throw in mounting and balancing ..but the price will be constant whether you get them mail order or at a dealer.

Great tires ..but you pay for them.

On my jeep I run a (I think) Cooper clone, Laramie TrailCutters. They won't last like BFG's ..but at about 1/3 the cost, I'll live with it. This is for a smaller size ..and Laramie is the only other company that I know to offer 33x9.50r15 ..for those they want $98 ..or about 2/3 the cost of BFG's.

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Hey JHZR2,
Have you noticed my question a few posts back?
I'm wondering if you had any problems with weights slinging off your new KO's...maybe because of the rim protector??
I'm using stickon weights now and they are "sticking" so far...

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