better deal ? Mobil 5000 or Valvoline wb premium

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Mar 7, 2009
which is the better deal the AZ mobil 5000 with STP filter for 10.99 or the pep boys Valvoline wb premium with purolator filter for 9.99
Well, the PB VPC/Puro you have to rebate but I prefer the filter. Easy 5k though.

Splitting hairs really, either will do 5k just fine. I'd likely take the PB deal if there was one close by. If not, go AZ.
Id say Valvoline as well. I've used the slightly different Canadian version mobil super 1000, and valvoline all climate. They both did well, BUT, I like the valvolines cold pour properties MUCH better than our Mobil at least. Both would be good though. At those prices, Id still go with Valvoline though.
I've proven the MC5K 10w30 in the wife's car for 6K, and insoluble levels well within tolerances with the STP filter used before. $23.xx and I have oil change for the wife's car for a year :)
Just saw in a K-mart flyer today in my area, northeast USA....
5 qts Quaker State (green) for 9.00. no filter though..
Pep Boys > Based on the oil filter not the oil {both oils are of high quality} I like the quality of the Purolator oil filter over the STP oil filter.
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