Best Windshield Snow/Ice Cover?

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Sep 18, 2002
I realize either a carport or garage would be the very best cover but I don't have that luxury. I've got 3 cars outside and have been googling "Best windshield snow cover" and arena' satisfied with my results. Do any of you have real life experience with such a beast? I am willing to spend more to purchase one that will last for a few years.
My dad used to use a sheet of bubble wrap (bubbles facing out) to keep ice off of the windshield. He closed it in the doors to keep it in place. If it tore he just got another used piece from the shipping dept at work. This was probably 25 years ago but it worked for him.
I drive 40,000 miles plus a year, so I need wipers that work and don't like having to replace things often. I had the Rain-X Latitudes previous to these Bosch 24A that I got online at, and they lasted me 1 year do the winter shredding them. However, these Bosch Icons are making it through their second winter at about 18 months use. I probably use them till it stops snowing and replaces them.
I bought one at Costco. Worked great. Has the straps that attach to the side mirrors so it doesn't fly off in the wind. Well worth the minor cost.
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