Best way to store a pressure washer over the winter (metal gas tank)

Dec 30, 2021
Hi all, I bought a Generac One-Wash, gas pressure washer 5+years ago, used it once and had the misfortune of discovering a very rusty, nasty gas tank when I tried to start it this past spring. Basically 4 years of sitting with gas in the tank. Long story short, I cleaned up the carb, replaced the gas tank, but what is the best way to store it so I don't get rust again in the gas tank? Is it better to keep it filled with gas plus a stabilizer,or just drain it? I only use it once or twice a year.

Thanks in advance.
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Project farm did a test of how to protect your carb. TruFuel was the only thing that worked. Run the tank dry, dump in some TruFuel (Lowes sells it for $7.98 for 32 oz.) run that dry, drain the carb, then coat the inside of the tank with WD-40, and spray the very small hole(s) at the entrance of the carb that are for the bowl to breath with WD-40, and I also spray the jet with the throttle open so the WD-40 gets in the needle that rises out of the jet in the center of the carb.

Also, slowly pull the rope until you feel the resistance of compression and stop when you feel that. Both the intake and exhaust valve will be closed, and this is better for the valve springs. Also it keeps moisture out of the cylinder.

BTW, WD-40 is combustible, so do not be surprised if it starts. You might be sure it has no spark connection if that could be a problem.
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I use 91 E0 in my OPE including my generac power washer. I try to store mine with stabhil in it and store it full. This helps to minimize the chances for rust.

Just my $0.02
I use the Tru Fuel in my OPE when I 'pickle' them for the winter. I keep the bowls full and fuel tank empty (on the ones that have a shutoff, and just leave some in the tank for the ones that don't). Have had no issue in years on any of my equipment doing it this way. Starts first pull/crank every year.