Best way to remove these scratches from paint?

Feb 19, 2009
The Woods of NY
Hi everyone!, quick question, how would i go about buffing or blending these scratches? Not looking for perfection, just somewhat blended so they are not so noticeable. (To me at least lol) I think these are from a corner of a brick building or something. Im willing to buy a buffer if needed, with some kind of compound/polish? Let me know what you think, thanks!


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Buffing alone will only show a minor improvement. You will need to wet sand first.
Would i need to repaint the door and fender after a wet sand with a super fine sand paper? Or can i wet sand, and then buff, and polish with some kind of compound?
No, you only sand the clearcoat. It sounds like you never did this before, and if so, maybe take it to a detail shop instead as if you get too aggressive you can sand through the clearcoat and then you WILL have to repaint.
You would be correct haha! I can "feel" the scratches, and i think they go to the primer, or metal. I'd hate to have to repaint a fender and door on a 10 year old car because i got "aggressive" lol.

but im willing to learn.... if you know of a write up or how too, i can follow directions, and comprehend what is being done. Im willing to try. worst case i know my local pick and pull has the 07-10 elantras in the same color, so i could always swap panels out if i screwed it up too bad. :LOL::ROFLMAO:
Wet sanding is a multi stage process and mot geared towards a beginner. The same goes with buffing the paint after sanding, expertise required and multiple steps. Get estimate from a professional or you will be repainting the door.

If the scratches are down to the metal then repainting is likely required. I have seen some very talented individuals use touch up paint then sand & buff but they perfected their technique over years.

Google wet sand car paint for hundreds of articles and you tube videos.
Some of those MIGHT come out, most of them won't. Unless you can fill them with something, or color the primer to a color that is closer to the paint color, they will still be visible.
If you want it to look right, it'll need to go to the body shop. IF you are really lucky, you can find a "Mobil bumper repair guy" that will do it for you.
My neighbor had some touch up work done on his Corvette by such a person right in his driveway and it turned out pretty good. Just remember, unless you do a panel repaint, it will never be perfect.
Chris Fix on YT has a good scratch repair video on a car that was vandalized. He had to fill the scratches with paint, clear, sanding, compounding, polishing and protecting. Although the mobile paint repair is a good idea. Call some used car dealers to see who they like.
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Here's a great video on wet sanding which wasn't available when I first tried it. As long as you are careful and have a polisher to bring the finish back after, I'd give it a shot. I was very worried when I did it the first time but it wasn't hard and it was very rewarding.