Best Way to Change Oil

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Nov 16, 2002
Changing the oil can be messy. Has anyone used the Fram sure drain? It is a nosle that connects to a bolt that you put in place of the original drain bolt your car came with. I saw it a Pep Boys today. I also am giving up on the exact fit sockets thata fit on to your socket wrench for your oil filter. They tend to slip. I might try the wrench with the adjustable loop at the top that will fit multiple filters.
Buster, here are a few on the Fram and Fumoto valve products:

Need Oil Sampling Advice

Fram Sure Drain, who has one?

Oil Drain Valve

It's been covered pretty well. As for the wrench, vehicles vary. Strap wrenches were the only type that worked for me on some vehicles. Luckily all of ours work with finger pliers now.

I have the Fram Sure Drain on my car right now but haven't drained the oil with it yet so I can't comment firsthand on how it is, but it looks like a very clean setup. You can use the hose that comes with it to directly drain the oil into a large container, so your hands really will never touch oil (unless you're taking an oil sample from it first, but even then you could probably adjust the flow so it's slower so you don't spill anything)
I use the fumoto valve and highly recommend it. Also I use K&N HP filters that have a "nut" on the end so if there's any problem getting it off, channel locks or socket wrench will do the trick. I also have the wrench displayed above, and it did the job, but crushed the thin filter I was removing. The K&N is the thickest skinned filter I've seen.

Originally posted by rgiles:
...I also have the wrench displayed above, and it did the job, but crushed the thin filter I was removing. ...

Grab 'em at the hex end or near the base.

I've found if a heavy duty wrench is required it's a good indication of overtightening. I'd swear some of those lube shops use impact guns.

I'll have to try the Fram Sure Drain. Thats the wrench above, the only problem is I need a socket extension to get the filter off. My oil filter sits vertical.
I use my hands to tighten the filter, and find that sometimes I'll need a wrench to remove it 3-6 months later.
the best way to remove a stubborn tight filter by hand is sandpaper, just wrap some 80 grit or whatever you have around the filter and twist, it helps a LOT even on a non slippery filter.
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