Best Vacuum Food Saver Machine ??

Mar 30, 2015
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
My older vacuum sealer is on its last legs. So I'm going to be looking for a new one. I want one that takes the rolls, so you can make whatever size or length bag you need. What kind are you guys using? The Food Saver 4400 looks nice. And they have a few models above that. Cabela's makes nice ones, but several of them seem a bit overpriced. This is mostly going to be used for meat and chicken.
Look around. Food Saver is notorious for not having replacement parts available. Plus, they aren’t any better than cheaper brands. Heck, most are made in China anyway.
I have a reasonable priced GERYON vacuum sealer. It came in on a few reviews as one of the best in class for the price. I've had mine for close to a year with zero problems. One point a lot of reviewers have made is higher the price doesn't mean higher quality. I think I paid around $60 for the one I have. Takes roll bags and has a built in cutter to cut the bags the length you want. It also has a built in vacuum port for using an attachment to vacuum seal canning jars.
i'm checking to see if the geryon is still working for you?
i am also looking to replace an old sealer that has stopped pulling vacuum and sealing the bags although it does do the jars.
i bought this oldy at wally world 20 some years ago, so i figure it has paid for itself and another one is in order...🤷‍♂️
Yes, I've had zero issues with my Geryon unit. I learned to let it cool down for a few minutes before putting it away. What will happen if I don't let cool down is the upper and lower rubber seals will stick together. When that happens one seal will get dislodged and I have to re-install it back in it's groove.