Best tire for Accord MT6

My '04 Accord V6 coupe (6 speed) came with Michelin Pilot XGT H4 tires (215/50 17). UTQG is 400 AA. I've been told that this is about the best I can do without going to a much softer rubber compound. Any other suggestions.
Central Valley, CA
Bridgestone Potenza RE950 come in 225/45/17 (WR speed rated, but has a 400 tread wear rating), which you can use on your rim; its a "plus zero." (225/45/17 is very close to the overall diameter of 215/50/17 so your speedo wonn't be messed up any if at all). Many people aren't fond of the XGT H4, and they are expensive tires in my opinion. In my opinion, you shuoldn't buy tires based soley on its treadwear rating or warranted milage. Tires are going to last you how long depending on how you drive your car, period. You could have 600UTQG rating but the tires will only last 30k miles because you autocross or brake late or drive fast on corners or drive spiritedly on the twisties. Tirerack is a great place to read user feedbacck and reviews on what people thought of tires. Many people seem to like bridgestone tires after switching to them coming from the XGT H4.
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May I humbly suggest you visit and read up a bit. You can even call them and ask them for some advice. Not knowing the environment you want the tire to work in (city, highway, track, snow, dragstrip, etc.) and what goals you have(maximum treadlife, maximum lateral G's, ultimate wet weather handling, etc.), it especially difficult making a recomendation. Kinda' like choosing the right oil. [Wink]


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Thanks for the suggestions. I've spent some time at tirerack. I paraticipate in a forum where one of the tirerack reps participates. He suggested I go with the same model. They liked it in their road test. Main thing that bugs me is that the user reviews don't seem that good. I'll take a hard look at your ideas. Thanks again!