Best synthetic for my 1998 Camry

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Dec 28, 2003
I might also say that German Castrol is only available in 0W-30 and Hi-Milege is marketing crapola.

In Tennessee, M1 will work fine and be your best value, imho.

80K hi-mileage
Haley's correct. The German Castrol is only 0w-30. Gradewise, you'd be fine with that in TN. I've been very pleased with my own Mobil-1 results over the years. I've used it for the past 3.5 years in several Toyotas, and ten years before that in my Honda Civic and my wife's Merc Sable wagon. All engines spotless internally (as observed through oil fillers and a pan drop on the Civic (from broken drain threads). Mileage was good, and zero engine problems. I'd be inclined to use the 10w-30 in TN, at least during the summer. It will evaporate less than 5w-30. Look at that grade if it gets esp cold where you are in the winter.

EDIT: I'm experimenting with the GC myself right now in my V-6 Camry (a post-sludge model). So far, I'm not too impressed with it, although I'm still sorting out what may be going on. Jury definitely still out on the GC + V-6 Camry combo.

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Here's a vote for Schaeffer's 7000 5w30. My in-laws have a Camry that had its engine replaced and they are using Schaeffer's now. You can get it for ~$4/quart, delivered. This is slightly cheaper than M1 and, IMO, it is at least as good an oil.

Here is a link to their technical data that you can use for comparison purposes:

BTW, I live in Memphis, and use Schaeffer's in a '99 Durango 5.9l (also known to have sludge problems) and a '03 G35 sedan, 10w30 and 5w30, respectively.

If perfection is your goal then try Redline 5W30. Either Discount Auto Parts or Advanced Auto Parts cary's it nation wide. YOu can also get it at most Car Quest stores. We have a site sponsor that also sells Redline. Redline has done great in Toyota's!
I have a 1998 Camry with 80,000 miles. This is one of those prone to sludge. I did an Autorx treatment and I am now done with the rinse and it is time for an oil change. I have always used regular oil, whatever the shop put in (usually Havoline, Kendall, or Shell). Toyota specifies 5W-30 for this car.

The AutoRx cleaning got out some dirt, but the engine was not as dirty as I thought. I want to keep this car a long time, so I have decided to switch to synthetic with reasonable OCI's. After a lot of reading here, I have narrowed it down to three choices and would appreciate any imput.

The car runs fine, and there have never been any leaks. I know one option is sticking with regular oil, but I am willing to spend a little more for the peace of mind, especially considering the possibility of sludging in this engine.

Here are my choices and some commments,

1. Mobil 1 5W-30. The only thing that concerns me here is that their bottle says the 5W-30 is for newer engines and the 10W-30 is for high mileage engines.

2. German Castrol 5W-30. I can find this in the store. I am aware of the debates concerning Castrol so I do not want to open up that can of worms.

3. Valvoline High Mileage 5W-30 Full Synthetic. I am thinking it may be the time to switch to a high mileage oil, and like this one because it is full synthetic. I have not seen any other high mileage full synthetic.

I am not looking for perfection. I am looking at what will be best for the long run. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.
Mobil 1 is what I would use and do use in my 2001 Miata. I use the 10w-30 and in Tenn. you should be just fine with this oil. If the owners manual worries you just use the 5w-30 and it will do almost as good.

Originally posted by haley10:
I might also say that German Castrol is only available in 0W-30 and Hi-Milege is marketing crapola.

In Tennessee, M1 will work fine and be your best value, imho.

80K hi-mileage

The higher mileage oils have shown to be a bit thicker in their grade, have good add packs, and possibly contain esters so I wouldnt say its all marketing cpar.
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