Best Selling Automobiles in Canada for 2005

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Nov 6, 2002
Pickup trucks, compact cars, and minivans dominate our best-sellers list. Compact cars made the biggest gains. The Civic has a good shot at taking the top spot from the trucks in '06. 2005 Top Sellers in Canada (From World of Wheels Magazine): Rank Model Sales %Change 1. GM Silverado/Sierra 75,669 -2.2 2. Ford F-Series 69,549 -3.1 3. Honda Civic 68,506 10.3 4. Dodge Caravan 65,002 2.3 5. Mazda3 50,713 18.8 6. GM FWD Minivans 49,793 -4.9 7. Toyota Corolla 46,533 4.4 8. Dodge Ram 37,483 -0.6 9. Ford Focus 26,861 -5.4 10. Toyota Echo 26,711 -14.5 11. Chevrolet Cobalt 26,405 N/A 12. Honda Accord 24,115 -6.6 13. Toyota Matrix 24,048 20.1 14. Ford Escape 23,493 15.4 15. Toyota Camry 18,861 -6.3 16. Chevrolet Impala 18,474 -11.5 17. VW Jetta 18,202 15.0 18. Chevrolet Malibu 17,871 18.6 19. Nissan Altima 17,037 -7.9 20. Pontiac Pursuit 16,289 N/A
"But by 1998, the influx of Ladas was reduced to a trickle, until the company turned off the tap completely. What went wrong? DesRosiers believes LadaCanada ultimately failed because it couldn't get product and the build quality did not meet North American standards. "In the early years, it was a used-car substitute, due to the pricing. Then Hyundai beat them on price and product." Source
I remember seeing new car ads for those Ladas in the 90's. They were dirt cheap. I've noticed maybe 3 on the road in the last ten years.
I remember going to the Ottawa car show years ago, and sitting in new lada sedans that sold for something like $5-6k! I actually thought about buying one instead of a used car in the mid-1990's. Reason I didn't is I hated the driving position - found them really uncomfortable. I alway thought they were kinda neat - they were so old-fashioned comapared to other cheap cars, like the Suzuki Swift! Carb on the engine, and a spare tire in the engine!
Originally posted by Accord2005NJ: Hey, is anyone buying LADA's in Canada (I saw russian made cars there?)
I wanted a Lada Niva. I heard they were bulletproof mini 4x4 suv. I saw in Croatia and I wanted one sooo bad. I think it cost $6,000 brand new. I heard the drive train was ancient GM technology, but it was very rugged and durable.
Are Canadians smaller and more frugal than Americans? Come on y'all: Live it up! Gas won't last forever! Accord 12th, Camry 15th, and Jetta 17th? Wow. Go VW. Is there some great VW ad campaign making fun of Americans? (Cuz I'd like to see it.) And a Special Achievement Award (and Green ribbon) to Mazda, of course. Way to fill up that number five spot.
Originally posted by Tosh: Are Canadians smaller and more frugal than Americans?
With current oil prices, we like to export as much as possible!
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