Best oil for supercharged car

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May 11, 2004
Are there any considerations I should look at when choosing the best oil for a supercharged car? I was thinking that I should find something that performs well in high temps and is very shear stable....

What do you guys think is the best oil for a supercharged car which runs rich most of the time (just to be safe) Also, the oil I'm looking for should be able to do very well in high temps (when i take her to the track for a couple of runs) and in low temps (when cruising around with a 160 deg thermostat)

Decided to go with RP in my tranny and rear.
Centrifugal, fuel injected, lt1 350, some slight bottom end work, but clearances should be same as your standard lt1 (dont know them off top of my head). Slightly larger cam than stock. Driven throughout the year in Pennsylvania weather....

Started by running Castrol GTX, went on to run RL 10W-40, then M1 10W-30+15W-50, now running M1 T&SUV. Thinking of trying GC or RL 5W-40 or maybe Schaeffers....

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cweed ,any problems with the oils you have listed? They are all top of the line. There is no magic blend , study the oil anaylsis'.
Steve, not at all actually, i've had pretty good experience with all the oils, especially the m1 10/15 mix which quieted my engine the most. But overall I have no complaints with any of those oils, except my engine has been the loudest with the T&SUV, but its also been the quietest on startup with this oil
I have the blackstone kit to test the T&SUV when it comes out, but just interested in trying something new for the next change to have something to compare to the T&SUV. Didnt get to test the M1 10/15 mix when i did my last change since I didnt have the blackstone kit and was too lazy to look for something to save a sample in and wasnt even sure how much to save so i just dumped it all...

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Check out a few previous posts. This engine should demand oil similar to the 3800 SC's.

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