Best oil for my 98 Integra?

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Aug 25, 2002
Sorry to post such a open question like this. But I need to change my oil. Im still reading all the information on this site (lots of info) I currently run Mobil 1 TriSyn 5w30 w/mobil 1 filter. I have read some bad things about M1. Like people who have integras spinning rod bearings [Frown] So my next oil I am thinking about is Amsoil, seems to have a high rating amoungst people, Not sure which one to get, XL or the other (dont know the difference) . Not sure which oil filter yet either. Other ideas was to go for Valvoline Max Life. [Confused] If anyone can give me some pointers here, I would greatly appreciate it.
Jason, If it were mine, I'd go with Mobil 1 10w-30 year round. Some of the newer analysis coming in seem to indicate it's a great oil. If you want dino oil, the Pennzoil or Chevron oils seem to rate very highly. As for Amsoil, my personal opinion is it's overly hyped, and overpriced. I also dont trust their dealers or management after some personal experiences with them. Any company making "blanket statements" about 25k or 35k oil change intervals for any climate/condition/engine, or "universal" ATF fluids cant be trusted. If you look at the oil analysis section, the truth will be told! Hapuna
Alright, I think Ill need a 5w30 tho, seeing how I live in CT. Soo much for Amsoil. The new mobil one is really that good eh?
I'd stick with the Mobil 1 filters unless you have data that says something is better (perhaps Amsoil filters, ??). Oil? hmmm...good question. Redline, M1, Shaffers are tops, but most other oils are fine too. A full syn 10w40 would be my first choice. Air filter performance is a big question for me. Great oil and oil filters don't mean much if you suck dirt into your engine through the air filter. [ August 26, 2002, 07:08 PM: Message edited by: satterfi ]
My suggestion is that you run an analysis on your current oil, in order to establish a baseline. I had decided to switch from Mobil 1 5W30 to Mobil 1 0W40 because I felt that the 5W30 was not up to the task, but upon analysis, I found out that the 5W30 was doing a very good job. I also found out that I had a silicon problem which could be my caused by my choice of filter, or by my recent intake manifold replacement. One is a big deal and the other is not, but I need to find out. The other thing I found out was that my oil had a high concentration of sulfur, which indicates that my primary gasoline suplier may have contaminated tanks. I am still planning on staying with the 0W40, because it should provide an extra measure of protection, as it is designed for high loads AND extended intervals, but I can now recommend the 5W30 with confidence to my fellow Impala SS owners. I'm not saying that 5W30 would be the best choice for you. I'm just saying that it might suprise you. FYI, Mobil states that the 0W40 can be used in engines that call for 5W30.
Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX: Dragboat has an analysis of the Pennzoil dino with Purebase on the way soon. It's a GroupII+ base oil. You may want to wait for the results before deciding. [I dont know]
Has Dragboat sent the sample in already or he is almost up to his change interval to bottle the oil and send it away? I'm quite interested to as I might switch to Penn Purebase.
Jason, Anyway to answer your questions about Amsoil oils, their XL-7500 is mainly designed to be installed in quick-lube places. It's said to be good for six months or 7500 miles. It was recently reformulated to be cheaper. It's now made of Group III base oil stocks. That means that the base oil it's made from is very highly refined petroleum with the legal right to be called "fully synthetic." Good oil, but you can get better. Amsoil Series 2000 oils, 0W-30 and 20W-50, are their best...said to be good for 1 year or 35,000 miles, but some oil analysis show that they need to be changed sooner. And the price is high! The basic Amsoil synthetic is a true synthetic, works well, and the price isn't too bad. There are probably better oils. Again, sometimes oil lab tests show that the oils in service can't make it through the claimed 1 year or 25,000 mile interval. Amsoil filters are made by Baldwin (which is good), said to be superior,...who knows for sure? Do you really thing Mobil 1 is responsible for some engine damage, or is it likely that some folks are just looking for something to blame? Mobil 1 5w-30 & 10w-30 are kind of the yardstick--excellent products, widely available, moderate cost, and widely used with good results. Mobil 1 0W-40 is a superior formulation. Ken
People are always quick to blame Mobil 1 for their consumption problems and engine problems. Back in 98 and 99 when people with LS1s started burning oil, they quickly blamed Mobil 1. Sure, Mobil 1 is thinner than other 30wt oils, but it didn't cause their engine troubles, that is thanks to a design flaw.
Originally posted by Jason: VaderSS, What oil filter did you use when it said you had a high silicon content?
Jason, Amsoil is a good oil. As said the XL7500 is their lowest priced oil designed for quick lubes. It can easily go the 7500 mile or 6 month distance. The next step would the ASL/ATM which is thier standard full synthetic 5w30/10w30. The claim is that you can go 25,000 mile or 1 year without a change. But you must change your filter at 6 months or 12500 miles. There are a few analysis on here where the oil has not held up as well as it should. Again ever situation is different and I would suggest the first use to use analysis and change it out early. Lastly the Series 2000 0w30 is the top of the line. They combine excellent basestock(PAO/Ester) with a special additive package to reduce wear. This oil is refutued to be able to go 35,000 miles or 1 year. I use the 0w30, though it is more expensive, I really don't consider the cost, since I have not changed my oil in over 1 year, and don't plan to change it for a long time. My last analysis faired well enough to continue the use of the oil. I just changed my filter and topped off. As also stated Mobil 1 is a good oil, that is available just about anywhere. If you are happy with the performance I would suggest that you stick with it. Good choice on the filters too. the Mobil 1 filter is an excellent designed with its blended media and heavy duty construction.
I pesonally believe the Mobil 1 filters are the best out there. I use Amsoil only because I can get them less expensively and in fact, if you can find HAstings filters, they are much less and are the same as Amsoil. If you go Amosil the regular synthetic is the best bang for the buck. It is basically the same price as the cheapened XL series (less then a buck diff) and $2/quart less then the Series 2000. Neither one can go 25,000 miles in my opinion and based upon my own experience. Anything beyond 12,000 needs serious analysis, maybe even beyond 7500. Mobil 1 the best bet for easy to obtain and price.
Jason, I have been an Amsoil dealer for over two decades, but mobil 1 is an excellent oil for the price.I see no reason why their 5w-30 would not work in this application. Most of my Honda/Acura customers run either a 0w-30 or 5w-30 synthetic in these high revving engines. I'd do an oil analysis if you have any doubts, but oil is almost never the cause of engine problems, provided it is well filtered and not run too long for the particular application. I would not advise going to a 40wt synthetic on this engine - it will run hotter and you will lose a bit of performance. My Amsoil recommendation for this application would be their Series 2000, 0w-30 synthetic, BTW. It holds up significantly better than their regular 5w-30 or 10w-30 in a high performance application. If you have any other technical and/or applications questions, please feel free to contact me off-line. TooSlick
I'm using a Mobil 1 M201 oil filter, but the silicon problem would be the fault of the air filter, intake tract leaks, or sealer used when I had my intake manifold gasket changed. I've replaced the K&N air filter with a Purolater paper filter to see if the filter is the problem. If not, then I'll throw the K&N back in. If it's from the sealer, then it's not a big deal. I checked the intake tract for leaks and could find none.
TooSlick: I assume this is your opinion "It holds up significantly better than their regular 5w-30 or 10w-30 in a high performance application. " I have seen nothing on this board via analysis results or anywhere else to substantiate this. My experience is that it holds up the same as the regular 10W but that's my opinion and experience. No AJ hype please!
Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX: Employee08 Dragboat from a few days ago: Pennzoil Purbase SL 10/30 coming end of the month,,rather going to the Lab then to Terry
Thanks Marx. Should be these few days. Promising results for sure. [Smile] [ August 27, 2002, 10:44 AM: Message edited by: Employee#08 ]
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