Best oil for HARD worked supercharged engine ?

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Mar 7, 2004
OK. To start I know this question has been posed before but from my research it seemed like alot of 2x-20W bashing rather than hard factual data to back a recommendation. I want to hear recommendations for the best oil to be used in a hardworked 5.4L supercharged V8. Factory fill is 5w-20 synblend. But again I want to know what is the best oil to protect my investment.
Best way to protect your investment is to not work it so hard [Wink] [Razz] Redline 5-30/40 is my vote. Others will share many diverse opinions. [Burnout]
I think it's been said that the 5.4L works well with S2k 0w-30 Amsoil. I'd use this, M1R 0w-30, RL 5w-30. They will all do a nice job but you'll have to experiment and do a UOA to see what is best. For the $$ Amsoil 5w-30/ M1 10w-30 are good choices too.
cglenn, I've researched this general subject for my Porsche Cayenne Turbo and decided Red Line engineoil is the best I can buy. As nearly as I can determine, RL uses the highest proportion of the best base oils available, and their additive package is as good as anyone's, overall. Even in freezing weather*, I'd use RL 5W-40 year round, which is what I'm doing in very hot Phoenix. This 5W-40 is slightly thicker hot than RL's 10W-40, and of course it's thinner, slightly, when cool**. I believe that high-temperature film strength is very important for hard-working engines, and these 2 oils' HT/HS viscosities are about identical and quite high at 4.6 and 4.7, respectively. BTW, that's 12% higher than that of M1's 5W-40 Delvac 1/SUV oil. If you have a conceptual aversion to viscosity-index improvers, use the 10W-40 in the summer (or year 'round if it never gets really cold where you live). will deliver it for $84/case plus $7.80 shipping, and if you buy 2 cases, the price goes down 10%! * but not if the temps are, say, around or below 0dF ** I can't quite bring myself to call 40dC (104dF) 'cold'. [ March 13, 2004, 05:43 PM: Message edited by: Jeffrey Behr ]
Hi, The factory recommendations tell you the story. A simple move to a full synthetic of the recommended viscosity - 5w-20 - will do the job very well indeed. As will one very close to the 5w-20 viscosity. There are no magic oils of any brand For interest purposes it is worth a check on what Mercedes Benz recommend for their "Kompressor" engines. They have more experience with superchargers on petrol engines than all of the others combined Turbos and superchargers are entirely diferent animals and should not be confused when selecting lubricants. The supercharger is a compressor only and does not suffer the same heat transfer and other problems that ( early ) turbo chargers had Because of the supercharger's construction I would not stray very far from the factory's recommendation - just substitute a full synthetic for a semi synthetic. This will be all the "xtra" protection you'll ever need! Anybody with real world exposure to superchargers and especially those fitted to high reving two cycle diesel engines which have been around for decades will understand my drift Regards Doug
I suggest you try a 20wt and a 30wt of the same brand and compare uoas. You should probably do at least 2 or 3 drains of each weight. Go at least 4k miles on each drain. I would try Synergyn 0w20 and then 3w30. For a little cheaper and with otc convenience you could do Mobil 1 0w20 and then 10w30. Redline would be another good option, but the most expensive.
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