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Jul 15, 2003
I know the most common answer would be get take it out and drive it, but putting that answer aside... What is the best way to counter fuel in the oil? Right now I'm using Mobil 1, it's been in for 4 months (1,100 miles) most of which where short commutes (1-5 miles). I did put 2 180 mile highway trips on it, but I can still smell fuel in the oil. It's also very dark, but then again this is the first time I've used synthetics. My conern with Mobil 1 and the fuel is that Mobil 1 is on the thin side to begin with so a little fuel could put it well into the 20W range, right? Would I be better off using some version of High Mileage oil to help it stay in the correct weight? I don't have a comsumption problem, but it does have almost 84,000 miles on it. Just curious what you guys would say.
My sugestion would be to figure out why you are having so much fuel delution problems!! This is only washing the oil from your cylinders and causing ring wear!! I think if you did a UAO you would find high iron levels!! Get it fixed and change your oil!! Pretty tactless I guess!! Hasbeen
Hi goldfinger, I agree with Jelly, a 5W-40 HDMO would provide better TBN life & offer more resistance to thinning, while still offering the protection you're going after with M1. Also, take a look at this thread & decide if you even need to worry about it.
Two suggestions: 1.Get a UOA to see the exact amount of fuel in the oil 2.Based on those UOAs, you may want to simply run shorter intervals, using a lower cost oil
As you live in AR I don't think your climate is extreme in terms of cold. I have a car that I put on less then 3000 miles a year but do only an annual oil and filter change. The first key is to get a simple UOA to see the fuel dilution. Even if high, the wear may be very reasonable and longer drains possible. Further, I try to drive at least 10 miles once the engine is started which can reduce the fuel dilution and in your climate and driving situation who knows, your 5 mile commute with a zillion lights could be enough, you just don't know until you get a sample. You are lloking at under 5000 miles a year and it just may be possible to do an annual change, certainly twice a year is not out of the question.
Thanks for the replies guys. The link Eiron provided was very helpful and reassures me fuel dilution isn't such a big issue in smaller amounts.
My sugestion would be to figure out why you are having so much fuel delution problems!!
The fuel is a result of my short trips, nothing more. I am 100% positive of this. I don't think this is an issue in the summer because it's so hot here that the car gets up to temp very quickly, so even a few short trips though town (10-15 min) should be enough. But in the winter, I can definatly tell it's not by smelling of it. I think I'll either be going with a HDEO oil and 3-4 month changes or with a Pennzoil HMV and 3-4 month changes. Mobil 1 is just too close to a 20w already for me to be using in the winter with 5 minutes idling and 2 minute commutes.
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