Best oil for extended drains without analysis

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Jun 26, 2003
Columbus Ohio
What is the best oil for the maximum extended drains, without analysis? I have a friend, who wants to do extended drains in her hyundai, but refuses to do analysis. She wants to go about once a year or 15000 miles between drains, and is willing to buy expensive oil (redline, amsoil S3K,etc).
Despite my great affection for GC, at this point, I've GOT to go with Amsoil S2K 0W30 or S3K 5W30.
Well I almost always recommend an analysis. It's $18.95 total for an analysis. I don't get it. I assume your friend lives near you. The HDD S3K 5W-30 would be fine. If your friend lives somewhere warm, the Amsoil full syn 15W-40 would be my second choice. In my cars right now? 15W-40 in the turbo. 10W-40 in the non-turbo Volvo. Almost forgot: Whatever oil she tries, start with a double clean with AutoRx. (But that's not cheap either) [ October 04, 2003, 04:57 PM: Message edited by: Pablo ]
Originally posted by sbc350gearhead: I have a friend, who wants to do extended drains in her hyundai, but refuses to do analysis.
Is she still going to remember to check the oil level or is she hoping to not have to open the hood but once a year? She could easily be driving with no oil by the end of the year. remind her about topping up.
Based on what we've seen so far on here, I'd have to say Amsoil or Mobil 1 for sure, and possibly GC 0w30, but we need a longer interval UOA to prove it. No matter what happens here, the very first interval with whatever brand she chooses should not be the full 15k! I'd say to go no more than 7500 miles the first time around (preferably 5k though) I think the best thing she could do if she's not going to do oil analysis, is to run the first interval at 5k, then the second at 10k, and only do 15k beginning with the third interval.
The problem with going that long IMHO is that if there is a coolant problem you have the oil in a long long time both milage and and time wise. I just think its very prudent to do at least one oil analysis at say 1/2 year in her case 7500 miles. [Smile]
Originally posted by Pablo: ...snaark snaark snaark...
Pablo, I think you have been handling too much used oil without washing your hands. [Big Grin]
Ok, now that I have GC, what is the drain interval for this oil? If its PAO and ester based it should be good for a long time right? If Amsoil 0W-30 is good for extended drains and its a PAO oil, then this stuff should at least be equal to it. Any help from the resident experts??
Yeah I know that it is absurd, but then again she is absurd. No, she will not check her oil level. No matter what oil she uses, she will not change it but once a year...Max. I changed her oil a few months had not been changed in 30000 miles.....with bulk conventional that firestone uses! The stuff came out with alot of solid gunk in it. I talked her into doing an auto-rx flush (which will start next week), and since I can't talk her into 3k oil changes, I talked her into using synthetics. She absolutely refuses to try analysis. Like I said, I know it is absurd, but I just wonder what would be best, given the situation at hand. [Roll Eyes]
You must really like this girl. Changing the oil once a year, not changing the filter, not even checking the level for 15,000 miles -- a few Amsoil guys may disagree, but I say it's just plain unreasonable. You may need to give her a little tough love and say, "Hey, you can do as you please, and you can just drive the car without any service whatsoever for the next 3 years until you let all the smoke out of the motor, but if you want the car to last you'll do a little more listening." If it was a newer car, she's already voided the 10-year warranty... [Roll Eyes]
I am surprised when long drain intervals comes up, Rotella T Synth is not mentioned. It is an HD mixed-fleet oil, robust TBN, HT/HS of 4.0, hey it's a 5w-40 what more can you want? Price, $3/q. Widely available a W*M. Consumption has been excellent in my applications. I may have to provide some UOAs on this product. [ October 05, 2003, 12:50 AM: Message edited by: TSoA ]
Badbatsumaru wrote:
changing the filter, not even checking the level for 15,000 miles -- a few Amsoil guys may disagree...
Uh....what are you talking about? I doubt there is one "Amsoil guy" that would agree with this. But if she is willing to at least check the oil, top up as necessary, etc. 15K miles is not unreasonable with a few oils. TSoA - please do an analysis on your Rotella. The few we have seen have been "notsogood".
I don't think *oil* analysis is all that is needed here. Does her oil pressure light work? Some people add oil when that red light goes on. With luck, the car will survive. p.s. I'm eagerly awaiting my first UOA. I think this will be the first UOA of Wal Mart Canada's Safety Kleen Tech 2000. It should be done by Monday.
Originally posted by sbc350gearhead: Yeah I know that it is absurd, but then again she is absurd. No, she will not check her oil level.
Sounds like youhave the choice to make. Either take over the oil situation for her or just give it up. By going along and helping with guidelines that make no sense (one year change/no analysis, no checking dipstick) you are setting yourself (and her) up for failure. Since you already have changed her oil and are shopping for a "one year oil" sounds like you have that ability. And what's to stop you from taking an analysis yourself-money-?? Just personally (not knowing your situation)-I put my self in a situation where a neighbor lady (non-girlfriend) , and a neighbor lady (more than friend-girlfriend [Wink] ) was giving me these restraints. I would tell the non-girlfriend that it couldn't be done-an analysis is required. If she didn't like it-find another oilman [Smile] [Smile] If it were a girlfriend-I'd just take care of the situation-oil analysis, check oil, etc. I would look at it as payment for services rendered. [Smile] [Smile] [Smile]
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