best oil for a 98 escort.

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Oct 25, 2002
Coeur d alene Idaho
I was looking over the oil analysis section and noticed that these engines have trouble with high lead content. Even with a Amsoil. So my situation is I have 195k on the motor and it runs extremly well with no noticable oil use or leaks. Would a good dino oil changed every 3000 miles be the best for this motor or should I use mobil one and change every 6 to 7 thousand miles, I will for sure use the motorcraft filter. Thanks for the input.
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If all runs well at 195,000 miles, it might be best to just keep doing whatever got it this far. Since it's a Ford, Motorcraft would be my first choice of filter too. Oil? What have you been using, for how long? If you've been changing a good dino every 3K, it may be safest to stick with that.

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